Gasket Products

     Every gasketing application requires material that is best suited to that particular temperature, pressure, media and other environmental factors. Our gasketing delivers superior torque retention and unequaled sealability for today’s tough clean air requirements.

     Since no single material is adaptable to all types of service, ASCG offers many quality gasketing products of both traditional and newly developed materials and construction.



The BLUE-GARD Gasketing line offers a variety of elastomers to excel in a wide range of services.

INORGANIC FIBER GASKET Garlock Inorganic Fiber Gasket (IFG®) has excellent thermal and oxidation resistance.
GRAPHITE AND CARBON FIBER Tough and reliable, this graphite fiber gasketing withstands extreme temperatures and pressures, as well as many chemicals. Patented graphite fiber sheet is easy to handle and install. Graphite and Carbon Fiber gasketing is the reliable nonasbestos gasketing for applications where high pressure, high temperature and steam are encountered.
GRAPH-LOCK Pure exfoliated graphite material handles extreme temperatures, resists nearly all non-oxidizing chemicals, and offers excellent compressibility and low creep relaxation. Available in homogeneous material, or with metallic or non-metallic inserts.
HI-GRAPH Design to meet critical application in the chemical industry and in power plant.
GYLON GYLON gasket is a family of flat PTFE gasketing materials manufactured to decrease the creep relaxation problems that usually plague PTFE products.
STRESS SAVERS® Provides the best solution where low bolt load and chemical resistance are issues.
THERMa-PUR THERMA-PUR gasket material is designed to withstand continuous and cycling temperatures of up to 1800°F and is highly resistant to oxidation to reduce the need to re-torque the bolts.
ISOLATION GASKET Designed for electrical flange isolation and general sealing applications.
GL II GL II offers complete range of gasket materials, high quality, low cost gasket 



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