Tough seals for tough jobs-Garlock radial lip KLOZURE Oil seal. Wherever shafts rotate there is a Garlock oil Seal engineered specifically for the application – whether it is retaining lubricants, excluding contaminants or to Separate fluids. KLOZURE oil seals are widely used in both maintenance and in original equipment


The Best Alternative to Radial Lip Seals Over 90% of bearing failures are caused by contamination.

Replacing a lip seal with a Garlock KLOZURE Bearing Isolator will extend equipment life and add profit to your bottom line. Conventional lip seals fail to exclude water and other contaminants from entering into the lubricant. Lip seals also have an unpredictable life, generate frictional heat, score the shaft surface, and cause increased energy consumption due to the frictional drag on the shaft.


Klozure® Mechanical seals  are available in both lip and face seal designs in four primary styles and a wide range of sizes. Key products include P/S®-II lip seal, Syntron RP shaft seal, PK component seal, and GMP-I and GMP-II single and double cartridge seals. All provide sealing solutions for numerous applications in the chemical, pulp and paper, mining and power generation industries.

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