PTFE Line Butterfly Valves

PTFE Line Butterfly Valves

The Right Choice in lined Butterfly Valves

GAR-SEAL valves are used extensively where corrosive, abrasive and toxic media need to be reliably controlled. They are used, typically accurate control, throttling and shut – off duties in the chemical, Chlorine, paper, electro-plating and other industries.


GAR-SEAL butterfly valves offer reduced maintenance requirements and increased operational reliability. 

  • The first PTFE – lined butterfly valve – still the best.
  • Full range of sizes from 2’’ to 42’’
  • The leader in handling corrosive and abrasive media.
  • Specialized plastics engineering and molding for better performance.
  • All components manufactured in house for assured quality.
  • Most robust valve design in the industry.
  • The most reliable stem seal.
  • Custom valve solutions to meet customer’s requirements.


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