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Garlock Packing Tool

A complete integrated line of U.S. made tools designed to handle your packing maintenance with ease. The unique interchangeability of tips with flex or rigid holder allows a versatility not available elsewhere. Worn or damaged tips may be replaced at minimum cost rather than sacrificing the entire tool. Plated for corrosion


Removable tips include; C-1,2&3 Corkscrews for most packing, W-1,2&3 Woodscrews for hardened packing, B1&2 Brush Sets (two sizes each set) for cleaning the stuffing box, OP-1&2 Oakum Pullers, and LG-1&2 Lantern Gland Thread Adapter Sets (three thread sizes per set). Also included into the line are Solid shaft Picks P-7,8&9 to remove packing that breaks up easily, stainless steel Vermier Calipers to accurately determine packing requirements, an O-Ring Extractor constructed with the proper curve and offset to make a sometimes difficult job easy without risk to equipment, and a Packing Knife



A keen edged stainless blade mounted in a wooden handle for a good grip, makes a fine addition to any tool box. 


Garlock Tool Sets

Packaged in handy tool boxes, these sets are assembled in three different levels to suit a widevariety of applications the “Deluxe” set being the most complete in the industry. Refer to our Price for contents listing. 


Guillotine Packing Cutter

Easily cuts all packing including KEVLAR fiber, copper sheathed, and wire core packing to 1" dia. At 45º or butt angles. 4" max. shaft size direct reading diameter/ circumference scales eliminate expensive time and material waste from costly trial and error fitting.  Complete with mounting screws, wrenches, stop blocks for 45º and butt cutting, and a vernier caliper for  accurate shaft and stuffing box measurement. Heat treated spare tool steel blades are available.



The New Garlork Pack – Boy saves valuable time and money in maintenance department by calibrating the correct length of soft packing for your stuffing box. With the simple adjustable scale you cut the extra length ring required for perfect joints. The predetermined cutting angle ensures that the ring ends are parallel when assembled. The Pack-Boy scale is calibrated to allow for a    10% reduction of cross section thus permitting easier fitting into the stuffing box.


Gasket Cutter Sets


 For accurate scribing of circular diameters from 1”-22”. Easily cuts gaskets from non-metallic materials and soft metals. Complete with wrench, spare blade and center point.



Heavier Duty for diameters 2”-70”. Utilizes double rails for rigidity needed in cutting larger diameters. Complete with wrench, spare blade and center point.


Gasket Punch Set

Effortlessly cuts concentric gaskets and washers from non-metallic materials and soft metals. Set consists of 14 1/16ths, centering pin, and two cutting surfaces to protect your bench. Packing in rust – proof tool box.



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