Sealtaq® Construction Sealants & Corrosion Protection


Visco-elastic Sealants & Prevent Corrosion

SEALTAQ®  is a product of STOPAQ/Seal for Life which has provided more than 30 years of knowledge, expertise in the field of waterproofing and sealing applications. The company has its origin in Holland. The land of water.





SEALTAQ®   is an Effective Water and Oxygen barrier

  • Stop leaks and seals-off permanent
  • No Hardening l No shelf-life issues
  • Not sensitive for MIC / SRB
  • Bonding to substrate at molecular level
  • Can adhere on wet and moist substrates
  • Pore-free products
  • Self healing
  • The most environmental and worker safe technology



  • Protection for any kind of application to offer 100% waterproofing.  
  • Any seam can be sealed easily. Sealtaq® is impermeable once applied.
  • It adheres to any surface such as plywood, concrete, tiles, brick, stone, steel, glass, plastic etc.


Available in different formats to meet your application requirements.

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